AI-powered 6G wireless promises big changes

The next evolution in wireless communication, 6G is expected to arrive in 2030, driven by ever-increasing demands for speed and bandwidth from the explosive growth in connected devices and AI.

6G (sixth-generation cellular) will deliver significant improvements in security, resilience, reliability, latency, connection density, traffic capacity, spectrum efficiency, and user data rates, compared to 5G. It is expected to be 50 times faster than 5G, with a top-end, theoretical speed of 1Tbps, compared to 20Gbps for 5G. It can also handle 10 million devices per square kilometer, compared with 1 million for 5G, according to Keysight Technologies.

It’s too early to predict all of the ways that 6G will change how enterprises do business, since 5G is only now starting to reach its potential and will take time to play out. But the possibilities are inspiring.

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