ASBPE Awards of Excellence: 2024 Regional Silver Award Winner

Maria Korolov’s CSO article, How AI chatbot ChatGPT changes the phishing game, was a regional finalist in the Technology & Innovation Reporting category of the 2024 Azbee Awards of Excellence from the American Society of Business Press Editors.

Here is what CSO editors said about this article:

The promise of generative AI tools like ChatGPT has caught the attention of the public and business. People are experimenting with ways to use the technology to automate tasks, save time on content creation, or more quickly identify patterns or find information. The commercial and personal benefits seem endless.

Unfortunately, generative AI has been a boon to threat actors, particularly scammers who use email phishing lures to draw in victims. ChatGPT has allowed them to produce more convincing email messages and eliminate many of the red flags people have been trained to detect. Author Maria Korolov researched how ChatGPT has changed the way threat actors develop phishing campaigns and provides examples of what they are doing. This information has helped defenders better tune their detection tools and employee training to identify these improved phishing emails and reduce the risk to their organizations and individuals.

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