International singers gather on Alternate Metaverse Grid for first annual International Day

International Day on Alternate Metaverse Grid. (Image courtesy Alternate Metaverse Grid.)

Alternate Metaverse Grid celebrated its first annual International Day on Thursday, March 7: Celebrating International Diversity on OpenSim.

Grid co-owner Cataplexia Numbers said she was looking of a way to bring together the residents of various countries that are members of the Alternate Metaverse Grid and have them not only get to know each other better but to also interact on a united level, celebrating the music of various countries together. To celebrate the various differences within a multi-cultural grid as opposed to having those differences as a means of dividing.

“It is my hope that this catches on to the other grids as well and that it is celebrated yearly on all grids,” Numbers said in a statement. “I have noticed a significant amount of change in the open-ness of ALL musical events lately, becoming more populated by a more mixed international crowd, and this makes me feel we are making a beautiful change here!”

Invitations went out translated into nine languages. A very large and inclusive food court and personalized stages for each performer were built by the incredible Ted Junior and Doc Mercury of AMV Special Projects build team.

International Day on Alternate Metaverse Grid. (Image courtesy Alternate Metaverse Grid.)

The event was extremely well attended with people from grids all over OpenSim — and countries all over the world. There was an average of 48 people in attendance at any given time and as some left, others came.

A new international singer from all over the world performed every 30 minutes. There was also a large international food court, and freebies showcasing many flavors and gifts from around the world.

The gifts and food court will remain open for some time as people just keep coming in for the gifts, Numbers said.

The hypergrid address is International.

You can watch a video of the event here.

Performers included Portugal’s Joao Frazao, Brazil’s Khiron Ametza, Scotland’s Clan Escotia, Indonesia’s Putri and Icky & Sum from the U.K, Nikita Andersen and Zeno Stark from Italy. US performers included Dave King and Cataplexia Numbers. Zoree Jupiter represented Portugal and the U.S., Mavenn Live represented Canada and the U.S., and Ian Kitsilano represented Canada and the UK.

Ted Junior and Doc Mercury created and designed the whole event venue inside the building scenes and the stage scenes were also created by Ted Junior alone and put into a rezzer for each live performance.
Jimmy Olsen created the International Day banner that can be seen in the video link — or by visiting the region in person.
Cataplexia Numbers took the pictures and Sofee Supermarine filmed the video.

Source: Hypergrid Business