Red Hat extends Lightspeed generative AI tool to OpenShift and Enterprise Linux

Red Hat’s generative AI-powered Lightspeed tool was first announced last year for the Red Hat Ansible automation platform. This morning, as the Red Hat Summit kicks off in Denver, the company announced that it will be extended to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift.

OpenShift, Red Hat’s Kubernetes-powered hybrid cloud application platform, will be getting it late this year. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Lightspeed is now in its planning phase, with more information coming soon. (At the Summit, Red Hat also announced a new ‘policy as code’ capability for Ansible.)

“This will bring similar genAI capabilities to both of those platforms across the hybrid cloud,” says Chuck Dubuque, senior director for product marketing at Red Hat OpenShift. Users will be able to ask questions in simple English and get usable code as a result, or suggestions for specific actions, he says, and the tool is designed to address skills gaps and the increasing complexities in enterprise IT.

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