‘A Changing China’ released

The China Speaker’s Bureau First book — A Changing China — is now out in print and available from Amazon. Maria Korolov edited the book, and contributed one of the chapters. Other authors included Zhang Lijia, Kaiser Kuo, Shaun Rein, Tom Doctoroff, and other speakers represented by the China Speakers Bureau.

Will China own the next Internet?

According to most predictions — including mine — the next generation of the Internet will be three-dimensional, fully immersive, a multi-media smorgasbord for the senses.

How to Become a Shanghai Entrepreneur

I’ve seen a sharp influx of potential entrepreneurs to Shanghai when I was in town the last couple of months. As the U.S. and European economies head south, I guess that people are looking at the growth numbers, noticing that China is still in the positive digits, and hopping a plane over here, hoping to […]

Where to Spend in a Time of Crisis

Technology providers that cater to buy-side firms are knocking on doors in an industry that has seen widespread losses and sharp reductions in assets under management, as well as mergers, bankruptcies and outright frauds. According to Hedge Fund Research president Kenneth Heinz, 2008 was the worst year on record, with losses averaging 18.3 percent. Research […]

Standard Chartered Issues Yuan Debit Cards in China

United Kingdom-based Standard Chartered bank has begun issuing yuan-denominated debit cards in China after signing a card agreement with China UnionPay, a bank spokesperson tells CardLine Global. The bank earlier this month received permission from Chinese financial authorities to issue the cards (CardLine Global, 14 July). The bank is among the first foreign financial institutions …

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Chinese Making More Inquiries About Credit Records

In an apparent sign of the growing sophistication of the Chinese lending market, Chinese citizens made at least 150,000 inquiries about credit records in June, the People’s Bank of China says, up from 1,000 inquiries in January 2005. The increase in inquiries comes after China’s financial authorities expanded the information included in the country’s credit-information …

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China embraces ‘Kung Fu Panda’

DreamWorks toon grosses $14 mil in 10 days SHANGHAI — DreamWorks Animation’s “Kung Fu Panda” took in 97 million yuan ($14 million) during its first 10 days in China, the state-owned Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday. Read full article at The Hollywood Reporter.

CIO Magazine

Facebook Says China Not Blocking Access Facebook said late Tuesday that it was not aware of any blocking of its sites in China, despite reports of outages from cities around China. By Steven Schwankert July 01, 2008 — IDG News Service — Facebook said late Tuesday that it was not aware of any blocking of …

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