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SaaS vendors, customers, finding new ways to secure the cloud

Rogue employees, hackers, government employees all threats to keeping information stored on the cloud private Edward Snowden’s leaks about NSA spying may have brought the issue of cloud security to broad public attention, but some enterprise users were already concerned about how to take advantage of cloud-based applications while keeping their data safe. As a …

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Big Data jumps to the cloud

Big Data-as-a-Service offers quick, inexpensive, targeted analytics Kevin Walker’s sales team was buried under information. Internal records, news reports, third-party data sources. Take a simple question like “Which customer should I call first?” The sales team might want to reach out to a customer who has just hired a hundred new employees, or the one …

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Cloudy Outlook

Cloudy Does the cloud help or  hinder credit card payment  security and compliance? Depending on whom you ask, processing  credit card payments in the cloud is either  a great leap forward for security and  compliance, or a big step backward. Actually, it can be  either–depending on the type of cloud you have in  mind and …

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Open Cloud Initiative President Outlines Mission

The Open Cloud Initiative, a non-profit organization established to advocate for open standards in cloud computing, officially launched last week and announced a 30-day public comment period on its Open Cloud Principles, which are focused on interoperability, avoiding barriers to entry or exit, and ensuring technological neutrality. The principles, however, are not intended to point …

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Google’s Two-Factor Authentication More Widely Available

Google’s two-factor authentication system is now available in 150 countries and 40 languages, the company recently said. The service — which was previously available only in English — allows individual users to opt for a second login step, which sends an authorization code to an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry device. Enrolment is done by the …

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How to Survive a Cloud Outage

Amazon’s infamous cloud outage in April brought down a number of popular Web sites, including foursquare and Reddit – but many of Amazon’s enterprise cloud customers were able to weather the storm without experiencing downtime. They architected their systems for resiliency by using multiple availability zones, having hot backups in traditional data centers, or having …

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Cloud Services Sustain Virtual Companies

More and more companies are going virtual, which allows employees to telecommute, work from the road, and be based anywhere on the planet. This approach saves money in office costs, improves productivity and morale, and allows the company to benefit from accessing talent in low-cost countries.

When Employees Sneak Into Consumer Clouds

Many companies, both small and large, are wary of doing business with cloud providers because of concerns about outages, data loss, and privacy issues. These are all serious concerns, but addressing them is a straightforward process.

Cloud Computing Rolls In

New services deliver a range of technology without up-front capital investment. The downside could be giving up control. More than a new buzz phrase to add to the list of client-server, ASP, hosted provider and software as a service (SaaS), cloud computing is a new stage in technology evolution. Clouds provide technology such as software, …

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