Perot attacks campaign finances

DETROIT, Nov. 2 — Reform Party presidential candidate Ross Perot continued to hammer away at campaign finances Saturday, accusing both major party candidates of selling the government to special interests. Perot told supporters at a rally in Michigan that if elected, he would put up a sign saying: ‘This White House is not for sale.’ […]

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The Narcotics Trade

Though difficult to track statistically, the illicit drug business in Lake County shows signs of growth that have enforcement agents scurrying. Neither the Lake County state’s attorney’s office nor the Illinois State Police keep records on the number of drug cases from year to year, but figures from the Metropolitan Enforcement Group, or MEG, composed

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State Representatives Join Forces To Bar High-voltage Power Lines

Two state representatives have joined forces in Lake County to push for a moratorium on the construction of high-voltage transmission lines. In announcing their cooperative effort over the weekend, State Reps. John Matijevich (D-Waukegan) and Robert Churchill (R-Antioch) both cited concerns over the safety of a new high-power line that Commonwealth Edison Co. plans to

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