Out-of-bounds perks?

This past spring was a watershed season for hiring. Staff-starved, cash-rich companies were giving away everything from $10,000 referral bonuses to BMWs to bring in new employees.

But even though some of the excesses may be gone, some job hunters can still expect to see nice benefits in addition to their paychecks.

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Interwoven Inc., which makes software for building Web sites, gave BMW Z3s – or the cash equivalent – to new more than a dozen hires this year. That reward program has just ended, according to Jack Jia, who heads the company’s recruitment effort.

The BMWs did the trick, Jia says. Not only did prospective hires come in saying, “Aren’t you the company that’s giving away BMWs?” but the offer also generated positive press for the company.

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