The Biggest Business Story on the Planet

After the Soviet Union fell apart, I went to Russia to cover the civil wars in the former Soviet republics. I covered the dot-com boom for Computerworld — particularly the way that the Internet transformed the world’s financial system.

For the past three years, I have been covering the way that the rise of China has been transforming the global economy — and this is the biggest story yet.

The way that China is transforming from a command-style to a market economy without massive political upheaval and loss of life is an example for every country in the emerging world. It is a privilege to be able to chronicle the ways and the means in which this is happening.

But what we’ve seen so far, with the transformation of Shanghia, Beijing, and Guangzhou into world-class cities, is only a fraction of the story. Cities in central and western China have been quietly learning from the example of the coastal trendsetters and implementing laws and policies that make them equally attractive to both foreign investors and home-grown entrepreneurs.

In addition, the national government is quickly putting in place the infrastructure that the country needs to develop, including roads, railways, and airports.

Here at Emerging China we hope to cover the westward expansion of China’s economy, the good along with the bad. If you would like to participate in our endeavor, as a contributor or as a supporter, please feel free to contact me at

Meanwhile, enjoy your reading.

It promises to be a great trip.