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East European botnet targets Russian banks

Cybercriminals based in Russia and Eastern Europe typically avoid targets in their home countries, but a botnet called Tinba is proving to be an exception, according to a new report from the Dell SecureWorks’ Counter Threat Unit.

The Tinba Banking Trojan, also known as Tiny Banker because of its small file size, is targeting the biggest banks and payment service providers in Russia, said Brett Stone-Gross, senior security researcher at Dell SecureWorks.

It is believed to be controlled by a group operating out of Eastern Europe.

A total of 34.5 percent of the victims of the botnet were located in Russia, and another 22 percent of victims were in Poland.

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GameOver ZeuS criminals spied on Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine and OPEC

The criminals behind the GameOver ZeuS Botnet didn’t just steal $100 million from banks — they also spied on several countries on behalf of Russia, according to a Black Hat presentation Wednesday by an FBI agent and two other security experts.

These countries included Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, and OPEC members, according to FBI special agent Elliott Peterson.

The gang, which called itself Business Club, had two leaders, one of whom was Evgeniy Bogachev who is still uncaught. The FBI is offering a $3 million reward for information leading to Bogachev’s arrest.

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