A Massachusetts court signed off on my divorce last week – after about three years of separation in which my ex and I weren’t in the States long enough at the same time to get it done.

This means that, on January 30, I officially become Maria Victoria Korolov again. And I am never changing my name again — in the new Internet age, its becoming harder and harder to maintain a consistent identity if you keep changing names, email addresses, Twitter accounts….

There’s probably a way to cross-post to both Twitter accounts… maybe through FriendFeed or Facebook.

My personal email address is now, but I’ll probably continue to maintain the old one — — for the indefinite future. In any case, both are simply forwarded to my company account, A bit of advice for married female entrepreneurs — think twice before naming your company using your husband’s last name!

But it works out, irony is conserved, since my ex took my maiden name as his middle name when we got married, and now its too much of a hassle to change it back, so he’s stuck with Korolov.

Meanwhile, I’ve already set up the Korolov Group as a separate US entity affiliated with Trombly Ltd. by virtue of the fact that I own both of them, to handle the US side of operations.

I’ve got the domain as well — if there are any other Korolovs out there who want to have a email address, just let me know, and I’ll set it up. The email for the domain is hosted by Google, so it only takes a couple of seconds to do, and there’s no additional cost for me.

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