Of Virtual Reality, the Web & the Future of Humanity

If I told you that in the future we’d all be living in a virtual world, chances are you’d imagine one of the following two scenarios:

The dystopia. We’ll be living in a virtual world created by some outside organization. Like Disney, say, or the government, or our alien overlords. (It’s hard to say which would be worse.) Our possibilities in the world would be severely constrained, and our primacy trammeled. It would be hell, and there would be no escape, since our environment would have been destroyed by pollution and global warming — or occupied by  aliens.

The paradise. We’ll be living in a virtual world completely of our own creation. Everything will be perfect, just the way we want it. All other occupants of the world would be our own creations as well, there to do our bidding. We would be perfectly happy for… oh, maybe the first couple of hours. Then we’d start going crazy.

What will actually happen? Neither of the above.

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