VR ads improve brand recall 28-fold

People watching 360-degree videos recalled the brands mentioned 28 times more than in traditional ads, according to a new report by Nielsen.

Recall of  360-degree content  in general was eight times higher, and consumers were three times as likely to buy after seeing an ad in virtual reality.

Nielsen’s researched was conducted at its  Media Lab at CBS Television City Research City in Las Vegas, which used eye-tracking facial coding and other cutting-edge technologies to gauge users’ subconscious responses to advertisements.

Nielsen also conducted an online survey of  8,000 consumers  which showed that 24 percent of people between 18 and 54 say that they might purchase virtual reality technology in the next year.

This same group of consumers also spends more than average in most purchase categories. Nielsen calls them “Triple A” consumers.

“They adopt new products and service, they advocate for the brands they love and they appreciate premium quality–and are willing to pay a premium price,” said Harry Brisson, Director of Lab Research at Nielsen, in a statement.

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