Google Tour Creator makes VR tours ridiculously easy to create

Do you run a small bed and breakfast and want to make it easy for prospective customers to take a virtual tour of your facility? Or create a virtual walking tour of your college campus or downtown historic district? And maybe you don’t want to spend any money, or sign up for any platform, or learn 3D development and design tools. Google’s Tour Creator has made it very simple to make  VR tours  at home.

When I last wrote about  how to create virtual tours, a year ago, people had three basic options. They could post their 360-degree photos online — on Facebook, say, or their own website — then share links to each one individually. Or they could use virtual tour creation software.  It was doable, but not easy.

Now, Google has released its own take on virtual tours,  Google’s Tour Creator, and it’s completely free, ridiculously easy to use, and works on all platforms — regular web browsers, all mobile phones and tablets and any of the major virtual reality headsets as long as they can open a web page.

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