How AI will impact your IT career

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are eating up workloads at IT help desks, in cybersecurity, and other IT tasks, stirring significant concern over the long-term impact AI will have on jobs — even in the IT industry.

And the concern isn’t unfounded. According to a recent report from Tata Consulting Services, in 12 out of the 13 major industry verticals,  IT is the most frequent user of AI, with more than 46 percent of IT organizations at large corporations incorporating AI into their work portfolios.

But that doesn’t mean IT jobs are about to go the way of telephone switchboard operators. Instead, the day-to-day activities of enterprise technology professionals will evolve alongside AI and new skills may be required.

This is already happening at U.K.-based InterContinental Hotels Group, which includes Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, and several other hotel chains.

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