AI’s top use cases today

IT-related use cases such as IT automation, quality control, and cybersecurity are among the most popular uses of AI technology.

But that will change, experts say, as the technology improves, gets easier to use, and proves to be useful to the bottom line.

Here is a look at where early explores of AI’s potential are undertaking pilots and putting artificial intelligence into production.

IT automation, quality control, and cybersecurity

According to a Deloitte survey of U.S. executives released late last year, IT automation is the most popular use case for AI, undertaken by 47 percent of companies. This was followed by quality control, with 46 percent, and cybersecurity, at 41 percent.

Cybersecurity was also named as the top AI and ML use cases in an  Apex survey of 600 executives around the world.

The reason for AI’s adoption by IT departments is that people who work in IT are comfortable working with data, are interested in doing pilot projects and exploring new technologies, and are willing to work with startups, says Samir Hans, AI expert at Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory.

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