Do you offer OpenSim hosting?

Here I am at my desk in my old virtual office.

I miss having my own OpenSim place. I didn’t use it much when I had it, but now that it’s gone, I want it back.

So, of course, since I don’t want to have to keep a computer up and running all the time to do my own hosting, and I also don’t want to do my own tech support and upgrades and backups and Vivox voice and Gloebit currency installs, I want to give someone money and have them do all that stuff for me.

I do have a day job. (Check out my latest articles about artificial intelligence and cybersecurity at!)

Yes, Kitely does have their new virtual private grid system, but, first, I’m still not sure how it works — email me if you’ve used it, and are willing to talk about your experience with it! — but these grids are a little bigger than what I need. They start at 130 local users — I need just one local user, me, and everyone else can just hypergrid teleport in — and they start with 13 regions — and again I need just one.

A little land to call my own.

So the first place I went was the Hypergrid Business list of independent hosting providers — these are companies that will give you regions on open grids like OSgrid, or standalone mini-grids, or even host full commercial grids for you.

And half of the listings turned out to be of companies that were no longer in business, and I had to take them down.

That left just five companies. Five!

There have to be more companies that that out there that will host grids for you.

Do you know of anyone else who will host regions, mini-grids and full OpenSim grids?

Please let me know!

I’ll add them to our provider list, offer them free ads, write about their services, and include them in our next reader poll.

Source: Hypergrid Business