Edge Computing Is a New Frontier for Cybersecurity

By adopting edge computing, companies move some processing to the periphery, closer to where the work is needed most to improve performance, decrease network traffic, and reduce latency. This introduces a scale of cybersecurity challenges regular data center operators may not be used to dealing with.

Packet, for example, spends a great deal of effort on cybersecurity for its edge computing deployments, Zac Smith, the company’s CEO, said. The New York-based bare-metal cloud provider is in the middle of several trial edge-computing deployments in modular data centers and in large commercial buildings or shared spaces, such as malls, he said.

With 5G expected to bring exponential growth in the number of devices and in traffic, those cybersecurity concerns are going to grow.

“The key to security is a mindset that assumes devices are compromised until proven otherwise,” Smith said.

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