What We Can Learn from the Ransomware Attack That Crippled Norsk Hydro

Ransomware is so 2017, right? Hackers have moved onto cryptojacking, which offers  faster and more reliable revenue streams.

Not so fast, say cybersecurity experts. Data center managers should still worry about ransomware, because attackers keep innovating to evade defenses, and because the risk of damage is extremely high.

There’s been an increase in targeted ransomware attacks this past year, Justin Warner, director of applied threat research at Gigamon, said. “Anyone responsible for the security and operations of IT assets needs to be prepared for the possibility of destructive attacks, as they affect companies of all sizes and all industries.”

Last Tuesday’s major ransomware attack on Norsk Hydro is a case in point. The Oslo-based company is one of the world’s largest aluminum producers.

Office IT systems and factory equipment management systems went down. The company had to switch to manual smelter operations, which slowed or stopped production.

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