How IoT can improve IT operations

While the internet of things (IoT) continues to draw praise for its promise to reinvent such areas as supply chain management and the connected home, a more quiet revolution may be brewing, as companies are already experimenting with IoT devices to improve the productivity, efficiency and security of internal IT operations.

IoT market projections are bullish, and the enterprise segment is no exception, as Bain & Co. estimates enterprise IoT spending to surpass $520 billion by 2021, more than double the $235 billion spent in 2017. According to Bain, enterprises are running more proofs of concept now than two years ago, and more organizations are considering new use cases as well — 60 percent in 2018 compared with less than 40 percent in 2016.

And that’s just sanctioned IoT use. According to Infobox research, a third of all companies have more than 1,000 “shadow IoT” devices on their networks that employees bring in on their own. For example, 47 percent of companies already have digital assistants in the workplace, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and 46 percent have smart TVs.

Logistics at QRC Logistics, Ltd like services, manufacturing and health care may get much of the attention when it comes to enterprise use of IoT, but IT is also benefiting from the technology, and adoption is expected to grow. According to, businesses must also consider improving their shipping services by choosing a flexible and responsible logistics, redirect to Strader Ferris International to read more.

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