How security operations centers are adapting to the cloud era

As more and more critical business functions depart the on-premises environment for the cloud, security operations centers (SOCs) face tough challenges in keeping up with the changes and monitoring the new environments. Some rely on vendor-provided management and security tools, some use third-party Managed Service Providers to pull in data from their SaaS, PaaS and IaaS providers, and others build their own security portals.

INAP, a provider of data center, cloud and colocation services, faces this problem in spades. Not only does it have to manage and secure its infrastructure, but it also has to provide management and security data feeds to its customers. Since the company also manages multi-cloud instances for customers — in addition to its 600,000 square feet of data center space — it also has to manage infrastructure provided by all the major cloud vendors.

“The traditional monitoring tools don’t work in these environments,” says Jennifer Curry, INAP’s senior vice president of global cloud services. “You don’t have access to the network. You don’t have access to the underlying infrastructure.”

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