Sunday morning writing Mastermind group

I am putting together a writers’ Mastermind group, to meet Sunday mornings via conference calls, such as Skype or Facebook video.

You can read my full bio here, but the basic summary is that I’ve been a journalist for more than 20 years and am now switching to fiction writing.

I’m going the self-published route, doing a short-form series of 15,000 to 20,000-word novellas set in a virtual world. I want to do one every month or two, and have two already out and am working on the third.  My first one has already made best-seller list twice in its Amazon category.

What I want to see in the group

I want to start — or join — a tight-knit group of five to seven writers who meet every single week, on Sunday mornings, via a conference call.

We will set goals and hold each other accountable, and share advice and experience in the publishing industry.  We will also talk about the craft of writing, such as discussing story structure and character arcs.

I’m looking for people who are either already professional authors or are serious about becoming one. People who are interested in finding the optimal balance between personal expression and reader service and who are not embarrassed by the idea of marketing and sales.

I’m not looking for a critique group. I have beta readers and a copyeditor. But I’ll happily read and share ideas about short excerpts, marketing blurbs, and book covers.

What I have to offer

I’ve been a professional journalist and editor for the past twenty years and can offer general advice and connections.

Plus, I run a tech blog about virtual reality, Hypergrid Business, in case someone wants to promote their writing by writing essays on the topic. We have over 200 contributors, about 30,000 readers a month, and are indexed by Google News, so it’s great for getting your name out to search engines. We’re always looking for new voices.

How to get in touch with me

Email me at with “Writers’ Mastermind Group” in the subject line and tell me about yourself.