Survey: Most Data Center Managers Rely on Outdated Security Practices

Daily news reports of high-profile breaches and massive credential dumps underscore the problems with relying on passwords for security. Users either opt for simple easy-to-guess passwords or, when required to come up with more difficult ones, use the same passwords everywhere they go. After all, who has time to memorize dozens of long random strings of characters?

Fortunately, cybersecurity professionals have many other security tools they can use to augment or even replace traditional passwords. But in a  recent survey  conducted by Data Center Knowledge and its sister Informa Tech brands, 78 percent of respondents said they used “strong passwords” as their most common security best practice.

Meanwhile, only 50 percent said they were using multi-factor authentication or network segmentation, 41 percent said they conducted penetration testing, and only 16 percent had zero-trust architectures.

Todd Matters,  chief architect and co-founder at RackWare, said he isn’t shocked that data centers lag behind in implementing some of these modern security controls.

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This article has also been reprinted in InformationWeek.