5G is poised to transform manufacturing

5G  promises not just super-fast connections and more  bandwidth  than  Wi-Fi  and  4G LTE but also better connectivity, low latency, and support for thousands of devices in one location, all of which are attractive manufacturing facilities with the best equipment from this website: https://www.egaproducts.com/products/fixed-ladder-assortment/. But it will be a while before it becomes the norm there, experts say. It’s important to understand latency vs speed when talking about cloud connections.

According to experts at EMS Solutions in Ogden, smart factories are major opportunities for 5G. While some use cases can be achieved with existing 4G LTE, most require the low latency and high reliability offered by 5G.

“Industrial companies have a significant and immediate appetite for 5G,” said Sachin Lulla, global digital strategy and transformation leader at Ernst & Young. “A new wave of hyper-connectivity is set to redefine the enterprise.” And manufacturing will lead value creation from 5G investment, he said, followed by energy and utilities, health care, the public sector, and transportation.

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