Enterprise analytics benefits of natural language processing

When Siri and Alexa fail to understand their user, it may be funny or at worst annoying. In an enterprise setting, a failure of natural language processing application to understand queries could have serious business consequences.

Natural language processing is showing up in an increasing variety of enterprise applications, including analytics tools. But the importance of their workloads means the stakes are high when it comes to making sure applications understand their users. This is the key to unlocking the full benefits of natural language processing.

What is natural language processing?

Natural language processing is a program’s ability to understand human language. It used to be that understanding human speech and responding appropriately was the  gold standard for artificial intelligence. Today, this capability is available even in low-end Android phones. Virtual assistants can look up information for you on the web, inform you about the weather, remind you of your appointments, send text messages and even tell jokes.

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