Top embedded analytics examples in enterprise applications

End users increasingly want more from their applications. If they see a data dashboard, they want to be able to work with the data — zoom in, aggregate it, look at it from different angles — with the press of a button.

And enterprises want to put this power into the hands of their customers and their employees to help them make better decisions. But creating interactive dashboards and advanced analytics functionality isn’t as easy as generating a static table or chart and embedding that into a view or webpage.

And even when enterprises have employees with the right skill sets on staff, customizing dashboards and reports can take a lot of work, Gartner analyst Joe Antelmi said.

“I have seen examples of companies who had 30 developers responsible for building all their visuals on their websites using programming languages and libraries and replaced them with a much smaller team of maybe a couple of people who used embedded analytics platforms,” he said.

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