Quantum Teleportation Makes Progress, But Toward What?

In what they described as a key milestone on the way to redefining global communications, a group of researchers recently managed to teleport quantum states over 27 miles with more than 90 percent fidelity.

The team, consisting of scientists from Fermilab, AT&T, Caltech, Harvard University, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and University of Calgary,  published  results of the experiment in a paper in December.

The results have big implications for the future of data centers, for whom quantum teleportation could mean more secure communications, Panagiotis Spentzouris, senior scientist who heads the Quantum Science Program at Fermilab, told DCK.

The technology could also have other applications, including in quantum computers and quantum sensors. “Your computing power increases if you can put more quantum computers together,” Spentzouris explained. “And distributed quantum sensors are better for many operations.”

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