A New Strategy to Address the AI Talent Shortage

According to IBM’s 2022 Global AI Adoption Index, a survey of over 7,500 IT leaders, AI adoption has hit an all-time high. Worldwide, AI adoption currently stands at 35% with another 42% considering some form of implementation.

However the single biggest barrier to AI adoption, the survey showed, was the lack of available AI talent. This skills deficit ranked ahead of cost factors, integration challenges, data complexity, and all other obstacles to adoption.

As a result, forward-thinking companies are seeing innovative solutions to close the gap and deliver on their AI initiatives.

Internal training programs take the lead

At Salesforce, both technical and non-technical employees have the opportunity to learn AI skills. In fact, to accelerate the development of internal talent, the organization created an online learning platform for training and reskilling.

“We’ve operationalized AI training for product and engineering teams, and offer employees who are job searching currently the opportunity to learn about AI, acquire relevant AI skills, and move into AI roles,” said Will Breetz, SVP and head of Einstein at Salesforce.

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