Cisco DevNet certifications explained

The enterprise network is undergoing a fundamental transition from manual to automated, from hardware to software-defined, from tightly controlled to sprawling across SaaS, multi-cloud, remote work and IoT environments.

Network professionals are expected to not only extend existing functionality across all of those environments, they must elevate the capabilities of the network to enable digital transformation. That means building a network that’s more agile, resilient, secure, scalable, observable and intelligent.

For network managers, engineers and architects looking to stay ahead of the technology curve, advance their careers, and provide additional value to the business, an entirely new skill set based on software development is required.

In response to these changing dynamics, Cisco, which already offers a broad range of certifications in areas of networking, security and cloud, has created a certification track called DevNet. “Cisco Certified DevNet engineers are empowered to think about complex networking problems and deliver solutions at scale via automation,” says Joe Clarke, distinguished engineer at Cisco.

Cisco launched its first DevNet certifications – DevNet Associate, DevNet Professional, and DevNet Specialist – in early 2020. And this year, Cisco added DevNet Expert to the certification track, with the first exams taking place in May.

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