Hybrid mesh firewall platforms gain interest as management challenges intensify

As enterprise networks get more complex, so do the firewall deployments.

There are on-premises firewalls to manage, along with firewalls that are deployed in virtual machines and firewalls deployed in containers. There are firewalls for clouds and firewalls for data centers, firewalls for network perimeters, and firewalls for distributed offices. According to Gartner, by 2026, more than 60% of organizations will have more than one type of firewall deployment.

“A firewall used to be a box or a chasse with multiple cards,” says Omdia analyst Fernando Montenegro. “Then we had a firewall in a virtual machine. And now we have a container form factor for a firewall because customers are deploying containers. And, oh, we need firewalls-as-a-service to support SASE.”

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