Introducing the GenAI models you haven’t heard of yet

Ever since OpenAI’s ChatGPT set adoption records last winter, companies of all sizes have been trying to figure out how to put some of that sweet generative AI magic to use.

In fact, according to Lucidworks’ global generative AI benchmark study released August 10, 96% of executives and managers involved in AI decision processes are actively prioritizing generative AI investments, and 93% of companies plan to increase their AI spend in the coming year.

Many, if not most, enterprises deploying generative AI are starting with OpenAI, typically via a private cloud on Microsoft Azure. The Azure deployment gives companies a private instance of the chatbot, meaning they don’t have to worry about corporate data leaking out into the AI’s training data set. And many organizations already have a relationship with Microsoft, and are comfortable with the security, manageability, and enterprise support they get from the company.

For example, software vendor Nerdio uses generative AI to generate Powershell scripts for its customers, convert installer code from one language to another, and create a custom support chatbot.

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