VMware combines SASE and edge management in new orchestration platform, announces private 5G service

Combining things to make them easier to manage and secure is a recurring theme at this week’s VMware Explore conference in Las Vegas. To that end, VMware is announcing a single console for its SASE platform and edge stack to enable unified management of edge networking, security and compute infrastructure.

SASE – secure access service edge – is a way to provide security and networking to end users and manage it in the cloud. It’s grown in popularity since the pandemic as employees were sent home to work and companies scrambled to figure out how to get them connected.

But, despite the word “edge” in the acronym, SASE has traditionally not extended to actual edge devices. VMware is looking to change that with the release of VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator, which replaces VMware SASE Orchestrator and will provide unified management for VMware SASE and VMware’s Edge Compute Stack.

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