VMware, Nvidia team on enterprise-grade AI platform

Companies trying to deploy generative AI today have a major problem. If they use a commercial platform like OpenAI, they have to send data up to the cloud, which may run afoul of compliance requirements and is expensive. If they download and run a model like Llama 2 locally, they need to know a lot about how to fine-tune it, how to set up vector databases to feed it live data, and how to operationalize it.

VMware’s new partnership with Nvidia aims to solve these issues by offering a fully integrated, ready-to-go generative AI platform that companies can run on premises, in colocation facilities, or in private clouds. The platform will include Llama 2 or a choice of other large language models, as well as a vector database to feed up-to-date company information to the LLM.

The product, VMware Private AI Foundation with Nvidia, will feature generative AI software and accelerated computing from Nvidia, and it will be built on VMware Cloud Foundation and optimized for AI.

The need for a platform like this is dramatic. According to Lucidworks’ global generative AI benchmark study released this month, 96% of executives and managers involved in AI decision processes are actively prioritizing generative AI investments, and 93% of companies plan to increase their AI spend in the coming year.

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