Internet Evolution

In 4th Age of UIs, Will Computers Learn From Users?

The first age of computer interfaces involved paper tape, punch cards, and other cumbersome methods that required specialized operators. The second age allowed users to type in commands, and required plastic template overlays that fit over computer keyboards, or function code cheat-sheets taped next to computers. Employees typically needed training and thick manuals in order …

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Cloud Services Sustain Virtual Companies

More and more companies are going virtual, which allows employees to telecommute, work from the road, and be based anywhere on the planet. This approach saves money in office costs, improves productivity and morale, and allows the company to benefit from accessing talent in low-cost countries.

Three Browser-Based Virtual Environments

If you’re thinking about trying out virtual, immersive environments for your business meetings or training sessions, but find Second Life and OpenSim too difficult, and ProtoSphere andTeleplace too expensive, you might want to take a look at some business-focused, browser-based virtual worlds.