Two paths from DabbleDB

Over the past few years, my company has become very dependent on DabbleDB, an online relational database run by a Canadian startup — since sold to Twitter. We run our workflow systems, our accounting and billing, our recruiting, and our customer relationship management on DabbleDB. We use it as a back-end database for the China …

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Working in the sun

I do not, normally, consider myself a low-energy person — I am, after all, running two companies (Trombly International and the China Speakers Bureau) and starting a third (Hyperica). But I do notice that my energy flags at certain times — such as when I’m in Moscow. And I’m full of energy in other locations, …

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‘A Changing China’ released

The China Speaker’s Bureau First book — A Changing China — is now out in print and available from Amazon. Maria Korolov edited the book, and contributed one of the chapters. Other authors included Zhang Lijia, Kaiser Kuo, Shaun Rein, Tom Doctoroff, and other speakers represented by the China Speakers Bureau.

How to Become a Shanghai Entrepreneur

I’ve seen a sharp influx of potential entrepreneurs to Shanghai when I was in town the last couple of months. As the U.S. and European economies head south, I guess that people are looking at the growth numbers, noticing that China is still in the positive digits, and hopping a plane over here, hoping to […]


A Massachusetts court signed off on my divorce last week – after about three years of separation in which my ex and I weren’t in the States long enough at the same time to get it done. This means that, on January 30, I officially become Maria Victoria Korolov again. And I am never changing …

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