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Ultrasound may prove key to virtual touch

Dec 14, 2014 -- So you’re walking along on your virtual treadmill, wearing your virtual reality goggles, and you come to a door. You stretch out your hand to push it open and feel … nothing. Because there’s... … Read entire article »

How self-hosting compares to paid hosting — I was surprised

Dec 14, 2014 -- In this week’s OpenSim Hosting Providers survey, in addition to a list of commercial hosting providers, there was also an option to say that you hosted your grid yourself. I expected the commercial providers... … Read entire article »

AviWorlds turns off hypergrid — again

Dec 13, 2014 -- AviWorlds, a commercial social grid with a history of experimenting with business models, is putting a stop to its latest experiment with the hypergrid. This is the fourth time, by our count, that AviWorlds... … Read entire article »

Content tops user wish list

Dec 13, 2014 -- What do OpenSim users want for most of all? Content. According to this year’s OpenSim  Hosting Survey, 58 percent of respondents most wanted an online marketplace, and 56 percent wanted a bigger selection of... … Read entire article »

Zetamex redesign takes a step back

Dec 13, 2014 -- Zetamex, the second highest-rated OpenSim hosting company, has been repeatedly criticized for changing things up too much — price plans, offerings, management panels, even CEOs — all have changed repeatedly in the past few... … Read entire article »

More than half million using Google Cardboard

Dec 12, 2014 -- More than half a million Google Cardboard kits are in user hands, Google Cardboard product manager Andrew Nartker announced in a blog post yesterday. Google Cardboard is a smartphone headset, typically made out of yes, cardboard, that... … Read entire article »

Dreamland outscores rivals in hosting survey

Dec 12, 2014 -- It was a three-way competition between Dreamland Metaverse, Zetamex and CloudServe in this year’s hosting providers survey, since the OSgrid outage took a lot of the smaller hosting providers out of the running. Despite... … Read entire article »

3 more singers go virtual

Dec 11, 2014 -- I may have been premature when I announced that immersive movies were the killer app for virtual reality. What was I thinking? Who wants to spend two hours in a bulky headset? Obviously, the... … Read entire article »

Pinć crowdfunding super slim VR headset

Dec 9, 2014 -- Toronto-based Cordon Media, Inc. has raised more than $21,000 Canadian dollars on a $50,000 Indiegogo campaign for a new virtual reality smartphone headset that works with both iPhones and Android devices, folds up into a slim... … Read entire article »