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We apologize for the viewing issues

Apr 25, 2015 -- The pages of this site have been loading up in the mobile style rather than the desktop view . It’s happening for everybody, and I appreciate the problem, and thank people for letting me... … Read entire article »

Kokua update released

Apr 25, 2015 -- An new version of the Kokua viewer was released yesterday, with updates from the Second Life and the Restrained Love viewers. There are also fixes for in-world Flash playback, upload fees, and other bugs. See... … Read entire article »

We pass 2,000 posts milestone

Apr 25, 2015 -- It’s busy week. So busy, that I almost didn’t even notice when post number 2,000 went up — CloudServe shifts to wholesale market. Hypergrid Business first went live in March with the post The future of... … Read entire article »

Samsung Gear VR for Galaxy S6 coming next month

Apr 24, 2015 -- You will be able to pre-order the Samsung Gear VR headset for the Galaxy S6 smartphone tomorrow, and it is due in stores on May 15. The Galaxy Note 4 version of Gear VR has... … Read entire article »

Crooks steal $126,000 from Avination grid

Apr 24, 2015 -- Avination, a closed commercial grid, announced a switch to a new currency yesterday, as a result of a previous theft of $126,000 from the grid. Back in the summer of 2011, crooks stole a... … Read entire article »

CloudServe shifts to wholesale market

Apr 24, 2015 -- CloudServe, which originally launched as a low-cost OpenSim region hosting provider, has shifted to serving the wholesale market instead. Instead of selling regions to individuals, the company now focuses on serving grid owners and... … Read entire article »

Lost Paradise

Apr 23, 2015 -- US $8 a per month for unlimited prims on up to a 2x2 varregion, with hypergrid and Vivox voice. … Read entire article »

5 mistakes of renting cheap OpenSim land

Apr 23, 2015 -- There’s never been a better time to stock up on low-cost OpenSim land. Sure, you can run regions or mini-grids at home for free, but then you’re responsible for all your own tech support,... … Read entire article »


Apr 23, 2015 -- $90 a month for a mini-grid of up to 16 regions, including Vivox voice, hypergrid, default avatars and currency. Full grids start at $160 with up to 32 regions. … Read entire article »