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Aug 19, 2014 -- US $13 (10 Euro) for a 15,000-prim region on the AviWorld3D grid. Free homestead lots also available. … Read entire article »

OSgrid down, Zetamex offers early migration to ZetaWorlds

Aug 19, 2014 -- Update: OSgrid was still down Wednesday morning, but with a new status update: “The techs are working on the server attempting to get the RAID [asset storage] rebuilt, they have not said how long this... … Read entire article »

Perception Neuron aims to lower motion capture costs

Aug 19, 2014 -- Beijing-based Noitom Ltd. has launched a Kickstarter for its Perception Neuron motion capture product which offers the promise of interacting with virtual environments at a lower cost than available with other platforms. Perception Neuron costs... … Read entire article »

How I copied my shape across grids

Aug 19, 2014 -- I’ve read on Ener Hax’s blog that you can use Imprudence to copy shapes from Second Life. This month, I redid my skin — using my much-improved GIMP skills to combine an actual picture... … Read entire article »

InWorld Review: The Future of Work

Aug 19, 2014 -- This week, Joel Foner joins Mal Burns, Maria Korolov, Tara Yeats and Petlove Petshop to discuss the future of work, the latest OpenSim stats, and more. … Read entire article »

OpenSim passes 50,000 region milestone

Aug 17, 2014 -- OpenSim’s 40 largest grids gained over 3,000 new regions this month, many thanks to the new varregion functionality. Registered users and active users also increased this month, despite the summer season. The exact totals... … Read entire article »

3D print your own virtual reality headset

Aug 13, 2014 -- A couple of days ago, I rounded up all the places where you can order a Google Cardboard kit. But you don’t have to settled for cardboard, if you have access to a 3D... … Read entire article »

Pillars of Mist

Aug 13, 2014 -- US$5 a month for a 15,000-prim region capable of holding up to 20 simultaneous avatars on the Pillars of Mist grid. Management panel allow self-serve restarts, backups, and OAR exports. No setup fee. … Read entire article »

InWorld Review: Zetamex drops prices, AviWorlds back up

Aug 11, 2014 -- Mal & Maria are joined by Zetamex CEO Timothy Rogers and developer Chris Strachan to talk about their price cuts and plans for hypergrid search, a hypergrid marketplace, and a hypergrid directory. Tara gets... … Read entire article »