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From Zandramas to ZanGrid: New name, new membership model

Jan 31, 2015 -- Zandramas — an invitation-only closed grid — will become ZanGrid tomorrow, where anyone is welcome to join. In addition, hypergrid visitors will be able to come in and get a preview of the grid... … Read entire article »

Virtual reality adoption accelerating… and porn

Jan 30, 2015 -- We seem to be hitting the inflection point on the old hockey-stick curve when it comes to the adoption of virtual reality technology. Consider these headlines, from just the past few days. First, the... … Read entire article »

2015 Silicon Valley VR Conference set for May

Jan 24, 2015 -- The Silicon Valley VR group has just announced dates and venue for their second annual conference and expo, May 18 and 19 at the San Jose Convention Center. According to Road to VR, organizers Karl Krantz... … Read entire article »

OpenSim users pledge $900 to improve vehicles

Jan 24, 2015 -- Members of the OpenSim Virtual Google Plus community have pledged $900 to improve vehicle scripting by fixing bugs with the way llLookAt and llMoveTo commands are implemented in OpenSim. “Today I’m making a personal... … Read entire article »

Atek biggest land gainer this month

Jan 19, 2015 -- All OpenSim stats increased this month but the most dramatic increase was on Atek Grid, which more than quadrupled its land area this month with nearly 400 new regions. There are now a total... … Read entire article »

New AviWorlds owner throws in the towel

Jan 19, 2015 -- A week ago, I asked: Can AviWorlds find stability under new management? We got the answer today, and the answer is, “No.” “After many weeks of thoughtful consideration, as well as viewing the many... … Read entire article »

Exportables exceed non-exportables on Kitely Market

Jan 18, 2015 -- The number of exportable items sold on the Kitely Market has exceeded non-exportables for the first time since the company enabled delivery to other grids early last spring. When Kitely Market merchants add products... … Read entire article »

GE’s virtual undersea tour

Jan 12, 2015 -- GE has created a virtual experience that uses the Oculus Rift headset to provide an immersive 3D trip to an oil factory on the seabed one mile down off the coast of Brazil, as seen... … Read entire article »


Jan 11, 2015 -- US $24 (19.95 Euro) for a 15,000-prim region on the closed, commercial German-language GerGrid. Includes Vivox voice, local currency, mesh. No hypergrid. … Read entire article »