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Google opens Expeditions to all

Jun 27, 2016 -- Google Expeditions, previously only available to select schools, is now available to the public, at no cost. “The app is available today for Android and will be available for iPhones and iPads soon,” the company... … Read entire article »

Shark Week comes to VR

Jun 26, 2016 -- This year, Shark Week will be coming to virtual reality. It starts today, Sunday, June 26, and Discovery Channel will make parts of its Shark Week broadcast in virtual reality and 360-degree video format.... … Read entire article »

Samsung’s Milk VR rebrands, allows user content

Jun 26, 2016 -- Samsung has branded its Milk VR 360-degree video platform as Samsung VR and has added the ability to upload user-generated content. “Creators can load their own 360-degree videos to the Samsung VR platform for sharing... … Read entire article »

Gloebit purchases now live on Mobius grid

Jun 26, 2016 -- The Gloebit multi-grid virtual currency is now out of beta and can be used for shopping. Users who previously had a beta account will need to sign up again for the live version. You... … Read entire article »

Review: UCVR headset lacks key usability features

Jun 26, 2016 -- A couple of weeks ago, I received a review copy of the UCVR headset in the mail. I haven’t been in a rush to review it, Because I didn’t have anything nice to say. I enjoy... … Read entire article »

VWBPE seeks science fair exhibitors

Jun 26, 2016 --   On its tenth anniversary, Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education is adding a new element in to its conference program, a science fair. “Educators from all disciplines and levels are invited to participate,” outreach committee head... … Read entire article »

OSgrid reconnects with residents in weekly meetings

Jun 26, 2016 -- In case you missed it, OSgrid has been holding weekly meetings every Saturday at Wright Plaza, after a long period in which communications between grid managers and residents were problematic. “We restarted it about... … Read entire article »

Oculus reverses course, drops DRM

Jun 26, 2016 -- Oculus has released an update to its software yesterday, allowing its games to run on other headsets. “We continually revise our entitlement and anti-piracy systems, and in the June update we’ve removed the check... … Read entire article »

NYT VR wins mobile Grand Prix prize at Cannes

Jun 24, 2016 -- The New York Times Virtual Reality app won the Mobile Grand Prix at Cannes Wednesday night. The newspaper has given away 1.3 million free Google VR headsets to subscribers to the Times’ Sunday edition since... … Read entire article »