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Tek Gear offers free headset

Jul 17, 2016 -- Canada’s Tek Gear Inc. is offering a free virtual reality headset to anyone who wants one — as long as they pick up the shipping charges. “We’ve been in the VR business for over 24... … Read entire article »

Grid outage brings stats down in July

Jul 17, 2016 -- Several grids did not report numbers this month, resulting in a region count drop of 4,718 and a drop in active users of 3,689. Avination was down this month, Atek had no stats listed on... … Read entire article »

Kitely merchants continue exports switch

Jul 16, 2016 -- The number of non-exportable items on the Kitely Market dropped this week, while exportable products continue to rise, according to statistics released today by Kitely. The difference between the two was the second highest... … Read entire article »

Win free VR viewer: Submit a historical destination

Jul 15, 2016 -- Virtual environments can let people step back in time, by visiting the recreation of a place or event. Tell people about your favorite historical destinations in the survey below. Each submission gives you another chance... … Read entire article »

Second Life ends Rift support, CtrlAltStudio steps up

Jul 13, 2016 -- Last week, Linden Lab said that it was no longer working on its Oculus Rift viewer for Second Life, dashing OpenSim user hopes that eventually their viewer would be open sourced and be a... … Read entire article »

Virtuix announces major China distribution deal

Jul 10, 2016 -- On Friday, Virtuix, the maker of the Omni virtual reality treadmill, announced a joint venture with Hero Entertainment, a billion-dollar Chinese game publisher and developer of Crisis Action, the most popular mobile first-person shooter... … Read entire article »

Three-day OSgrid outage caused by cluster issues

Jul 9, 2016 -- OSgrid was down on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week when the grid was no longer able to access its asset services, but other grids probably don’t need to worry about the same thing... … Read entire article »

Insta360 Nano VR camera clips to phone

Jul 8, 2016 -- The$200 Insta360 Nano VR camera, which will be available for purchase on July 30, clips to your iPhone and uses two fish-eye lenses to take 360-degree photos or videos. You can see some videos that have... … Read entire article »

Macunx VR gets funding for virtual memory palaces

Jul 3, 2016 -- UK-based education company Macunx VR has passed its Kickstarter goal of $4,308 — or £3,000 — with two weeks of its campaign still to go. The company plans to build a virtual reality Unity-based platform that will... … Read entire article »