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New release of OpenSim, Diva Distro is out

Nov 22, 2015 -- Crista Lopes has released a new update of the Diva Distro version of OpenSim, used by many individuals and small groups for private OpenSim deployments and hypergrid-enabled mini-grids, to accompany the recent general release... … Read entire article »

CtrlAltStudio viewer development to cease

Nov 22, 2015 -- CtrlAltStudio viewer developer David Rowe said he plants to stop work on the viewer, which is the only OpenSim viewer that currently supports the Oculus Rift. Linden Lab has an experimental viewer for the Oculus... … Read entire article »

Realiteer offers unique control options

Nov 22, 2015 -- Realiteer, a virtual reality company with a unique control mechanism, has released its first educational game, Wizard Academy for iOS and Android devices. I’m mentioning it here because it has a couple of game... … Read entire article »

OpenSim passes 70,000 regions

Nov 16, 2015 -- OpenSim crossed the 70,000 region milestone this month, with a new land area total of 71,034 standard region equivalents. It also crossed the 34,000 active users mark for the first time. OSgrid, Metropolis and Kitely were... … Read entire article »

Kitely Market nears 12,000 listings

Nov 15, 2015 -- There are now 6,097 different products listed on the Kitely Market, in 11,847 product variations — 7,189 of which are exportable. Kitely groups items together, so that, say, a red version of a dress... … Read entire article »

8 insights from latest VR survey

Nov 15, 2015 -- Greenlight VR and Touchstone Research released the results of their survey of over 2,000 respondents this past week about attitudes towards virtual reality. Here are some highlights. 1. Gen-Z Rules Despite a perception among some... … Read entire article »

A Life Virtual

Nov 11, 2015 -- US$10 a month for a 15,000 prim region on the commercial A Life Virtual grid. No hypergrid. … Read entire article »

Second Life GDP totals $500 million

Nov 11, 2015 -- Second Life’s economy has a GDP of around $500 million, CEO Ebbe Altberg told The Next Web. According to Altberg, users cashed out a total in excess of $60 million last year. One user has sold... … Read entire article »

15 new WordPress themes for consultants

Nov 10, 2015 -- With virtual reality exploding, this is a great time for virtual world experts to repackage themselves as virtual reality consultants and start putting their hard-won expertise to work. Whether your focus is training and... … Read entire article »