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Sony to launch multi-platform VR media service

Aug 26, 2016 -- Sony Music Entertainment will launch its Littlstar Japan VR video services next month, the company announced Wednesday. New York-based Little Star Media Inc. will provide the VR delivery platform, Sony said in the announcement. Content... … Read entire article »

Kitely battles slow-loading meshes

Aug 25, 2016 -- A complex mesh object can significantly slow down the loading of a region — as much as ten minutes, in some cases, according to Oren Hurvitz, co-founder and VP of R&D at Kitely. That’s a... … Read entire article »

6 disaster management tips for grid owners

Aug 18, 2016 -- So your grid has been hit by a denial-of-service attack, or a server has crashed, or a hacker got in, or things just mysteriously stopped working. Or maybe you’ve had a customer service disaster,... … Read entire article »

OSgrid, Metropolis, Kitely lead in land growth

Aug 17, 2016 -- Despite the the absence of the Virtual Life grid and Avination in this month’s statistics, region counts, registered users, and active users all increased this month. Virtual Life grid shut down without notice, and... … Read entire article »

Get a VR career started with OpenSim

Aug 15, 2016 -- A lot of folks are interested in getting a career in virtual reality these days, and I don’t blame them. The industry is exploding. So I’m getting emails from folks asking me for advice... … Read entire article »

Avi-Labs offers free regions, cuts grid hosting

Aug 15, 2016 -- Avi-Labs is offering free regions on the AviWorlds and AviBrasil grids, but will no longer be accepting new grid hosting companies, Nearly 200 free regions have already been given out, company owner Alexsandro Pomposelli... … Read entire article »

Review: VR Sky all-in-one headset is unrealized potential

Aug 14, 2016 -- Disclosure: This headset was provided free by GeekBuying. I like the idea of using all-in-one headsets for things like real estate and auto show rooms, trade shows or roller coaster rides. There’s no point... … Read entire article »

Atek Grid has new owners, hiring staff

Aug 14, 2016 -- Atek Grid, formerly owned by the company behind the CloudServe OpenSim hosting company, has been bought by the Tampa-based Florida Web Council, Inc. CloudServe will continue to run the back-end technology for the grid... … Read entire article »

Kitely’s new welcome region has more personal feel

Aug 12, 2016 -- There are grids whose welcome areas are always full of people hanging out, with mentors on hand to help newcomers and answer questions from residents and visitors, even grid owners stopping by to press... … Read entire article »