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DigiWorldz grid launches with $8 regions, panoramas

Mar 22, 2015 -- DigiWorldz launched this week, a new filtered grid from one of the founders of 3rd Rock Grid and digital worlds hosting and consulting company Digital Worlds Group. There were more than 30 new grids in... … Read entire article »

New official OpenSim release is out

Mar 21, 2015 -- The new official release of OpenSimulator — OpenSimulator 0.8.1 — came out this week, with only minor changes compared with the preview release. “The most significant being a fix for a regression where script... … Read entire article »

Kitely Market reports high exports growth, new mobile site

Mar 21, 2015 -- The exportable content on the Kitely Market grew ten times faster than non-exportables over the past month, continuing a trend that began late last summer. The market added 245 new exportable items, compared to... … Read entire article »

OpenSim passes 30,000 active users

Mar 17, 2015 -- This was another record-breaking month for OpenSim, with new highs in regions, users, and active users on the 323 active worlds. For those who are new readers, OpenSim is a free, open source virtual... … Read entire article »

Mountain View releases VR Snow Experience

Mar 7, 2015 -- Mountain Dew has produced the Dew VR Snow Experience, a live-action snowboarding virtual reality experience that takes fans on a 360 degree adventure through the Utah backcountry. The on-site experience will debut at the Burton... … Read entire article »

What are the best grids?

Mar 7, 2015 -- I don’t usually go around telling people what the best grids are. I run surveys, or I punt the question and just say, “What ever grid works best for you” or “Your own private... … Read entire article »

Urgent security fix for grid owners

Mar 7, 2015 -- This week, OpenSimulator released a security fix to protect content on public grids. All public grids should either install the fix, or configure an HTTP proxy to protect important ports, said OpenSim core developer Justin... … Read entire article »

‘Forensic Holodeck’ brings virtual reality crime-scene recreations to court rooms

Mar 7, 2015 -- University of Zurich’s Institute of Forensic Medicine has first system in the world to visualize the 3D data of forensic scans, Reuters reported. The team’s creation, called the Forensic Holodeck, could be used in criminal... … Read entire article »

Cirque du Soleil coming to Gear VR

Mar 7, 2015 -- Cirque du Soleil Media has partnered with Samsung to produce a live action virtual reality aerial show to be viewed on its flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones in combination with the Gear VR... … Read entire article »