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OpenSim on my iPhone… kind of

Jun 30, 2015 -- Today, I was finally able to use my iPhone to walk around my little home region in OpenSim. Well, kind of… I used the CtrlAltStudio viewer to get the side-by-side 3D view. Then I used... … Read entire article »

Quick mesh rigging how-to

Jun 29, 2015 -- All I wanted was to take a Damien Fate rigged mesh skirt, tweak it a little bit in Blender, and import it into OpenSim. But for some reason, bringing it into Blender destroyed the... … Read entire article »

Currency exchanges: sign petition to keep us alive

Jun 27, 2015 -- A week ago, Linden Lab announced that third-party exchanges have to stop offering Linden dollars, which will effectively put all or most of them out of business. Exchange operators are now asking users to... … Read entire article »

Why Palmer is wrong about VR gaming

Jun 27, 2015 -- Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey recently told Re/code that virtual reality will initially be mostly for hard-core gamers. The headset is expensive, and the computer hardware needed to run virtual reality applications is even... … Read entire article »

HomeLane demos furnishings with Cardboard

Jun 27, 2015 -- India’s home furnishings retailer HomeLane has created its own Google Cardboard-based headset to allow customers to visit virtual product showrooms. “Wear these glasses and walk into a virtual world where choosing between colours and... … Read entire article »

Phonemaker OnePlus to launch next phone virtually

Jun 27, 2015 -- China-based OnePlus, known for their OnePlus One smartphone, is launching their OnePlus 2 smartphone next month in virtual reality. “You’re going to want to experience it, and to help you out, we are releasing our very own... … Read entire article »

Manus shows off consumer VR glove at E3

Jun 27, 2015 -- Netherlands-based Manus Machina demonstrated a new virtual reality glove aimed at consumers at the E3 conference last week. The gloves connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to virtual reality headsets. “There are currently no other VR gloves... … Read entire article »

A virtual reality headset under 25 cents

Jun 25, 2015 -- Is the $4 price tag of a Google Cardboard on Amazon too much for your budget? Don’t have the lenses and pizza box needed to make your own from scratch? Try the TinVR kit,... … Read entire article »

New texture-sharing group on Flickr

Jun 19, 2015 -- Folks regularly share textures in the various Google Plus communities, and I’ve long wished that there was a place I could go to look through them all, instead of having to download them the... … Read entire article »