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Zetamex recovers from breach

Sep 29, 2014 -- Las Vegas-based OpenSim hosting company Zetamex is recovering from a security breach that hit its servers late Sunday night. Hackers attempted to use the Zetamex servers to attack random websites. “All data is safe, and... … Read entire article »


Sep 29, 2014 -- US$35 a month for an unlimited prim region on the invitation-only Zandramas grid. Vivox voice, Z$ currency from Podex. Kitely Market deliveries. No hypergrid. … Read entire article »

InWorlds Review: OpenSim survey, Ready Player One

Sep 28, 2014 -- Mal Burns, Maria Korolov and Tara Yeats discuss a new survey about OpenSim grids, latest hardware developments, and the book “Ready Player One.” … Read entire article »

Is Avatar Social Network now the most popular?

Sep 27, 2014 -- Avatar Social Network has recently passed SL Universe in Alexa traffic rank, making it the leading dedicated platform for avatars to discuss virtual world topics. “Now of course at the moment it may not mean... … Read entire article »

Fifth annual OpenSim grid survey

Sep 26, 2014 -- It’s time again for the OpenSim grid survey, where OpenSim residents can rank their grids and see how they compare to others. If your grid isn’t on the list, write it in and help... … Read entire article »


Sep 26, 2014 -- US$20 for a 20,000-prim region with up to 10 simultaneous visitors, free upgrade to larger region sizes, on the magic-themed Spellscape grid. First six months are half off. … Read entire article »

Spellscape donates filtered IAR exports

Sep 26, 2014 -- The London-based Spellscape grid, a magic-themed role play world, has donated code for filtered inventory exports. This would enable grid owners to allow their users to save their inventories in the form of IAR files, while still... … Read entire article »

EU offers $103 mil in tech funding; OpenSim web viewer might fit

Sep 23, 2014 -- The European Union is giving away more than 80 million Euro — US $103 million — as part of the FIWARE Accelerator Programme for tech startups using cutting-edge technologies such as realXtend, an early off-shoot of OpenSim. The... … Read entire article »

How to install OpenSim

Sep 23, 2014 -- OpenSim is a free, open-source platform for creating immersive, 3D virtual worlds. The user interface looks almost exactly like Second Life. The OpenSim software comes in two major parts. The viewers allow you to... … Read entire article »