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New mobile social VR platform announced: vTime

Aug 26, 2015 -- Press release: Starship Announces vTime – The Mobile Social VR Network LIVERPOOL, England — Starship, the UK-based innovation studio, today announces vTime, a new mobile social virtual reality network. Fusing breath-taking virtual locations with instinctive, hands-free... … Read entire article »

Kitely helps residents optimize regions

Aug 22, 2015 -- Kitely, the largest commercial OpenSim grid, has rolled out a new region monitoring tool for its users, and published a new guide for detecting and fixing world performance problems. The grid has also added a... … Read entire article »

Sci-Fi horror musical debuts VR trailer

Aug 22, 2015 -- What better way to marketing a Canadian independent science-fiction horror musical than with a creepy virtual reality trailer? Load up this video in a immersive headset — like one of those in our big... … Read entire article »

Wells Fargo goes on tour with VR experience

Aug 22, 2015 -- Since June, Wells Fargo has been putting virtual reality Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 headsets on consumers at local events across America as the San Francisco bank works to build brand awareness in a... … Read entire article »

Bright Canopy to go public Aug. 29, priced at $17 per month

Aug 18, 2015 -- Bright Canopy will come out of invitation-only pre-release phase on August 29 and will make its Second Life cloud-based streaming service available globally for $17 a month. The Texas-based company allows users of the globally popular virtual... … Read entire article »

ZeniMax lawsuit against Oculus to move forawrd

Aug 15, 2015 -- A federal judge denied a request by Oculus VR and Facebook to dismiss a lawsuit filed by ZeniMax Media claiming infringement over trademarks tied to the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Read full article at... … Read entire article »

Report: Magic Leap leads in VR investment

Aug 15, 2015 --   Upload VR and Greenlight VR has ranked companies by venture capital investment, and Magic Leap was in the lead with nearly $600 million of total investment. The ranking was based on a Greenlight... … Read entire article »

Australia’s Zero Latency opens first VR arena

Aug 15, 2015 -- Zero Latency opened the doors of the world’s first virtual reality gaming arena in Melbourne, Australia yesterday. Players carry a backpack containing a computer and wear an Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 headset and... … Read entire article »

All OpenSim stats up despite summer doldrums

Aug 15, 2015 -- Despite the August heat — at least, here in the northern hemisphere — total region counts, user numbers, and monthly actives were all up in OpenSim. Or perhaps it was because of the heat,... … Read entire article »