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Bitcoin revisited: beware the bubble

Apr 8, 2013 -- I’ve written about Bitcoin before, warning that I was worried about volatility and botnets. Bitcoin has been on my mind again, lately, due to a big bubble spurred in part by the Cyprus financial crisis, worries that Linden Dollars might see increased regulation, and aKaspersky Labs report about botnets being used for Bitcoin mining. A botnet is what you get when a hacker hijacks a bunch of innocent but badly secured computers and and makes them do his bidding. They’re typically used to send out spam or click on ads but are now also being used to create new Bitcoins. According to reports, a single botnet can make up to $2.7 million a year by cranking out Bitcoins. The volatility in particular is problematic for grids considering accepting Bitcoin either as payment for land and virtual currency, or as a replacement virtual currency for in-world transactions. The value of a single Bitcoin has gone from $30 in 2011, down to $3, ... … Read entire article »

Web viewer a potential turning point for SL

Jun 10, 2010 -- Yesterday, Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon promised that Linden Lab is going to develop a Web-based viewer for Second Life. … … Read entire article »

Second Life cuts staff, promises Web viewer

Jun 9, 2010 -- Linden Lab announced 30 percent staff cuts today, and also promised a Web-based viewer for Second Life. While a Web-based viewer … … Read entire article »

IBM, ProtonMedia team up

Jun 8, 2010 -- Press Release: IBM and ProtonMedia Form Joint Development Partnership IBM  and ProtonMedia have entered into a teaming agreement that … … Read entire article »

Harrisburg U. holds ’serious games’ conference

Jun 8, 2010 -- Press Release: Serious Games are Effective Learning Solutions for ‘Soft’ and ‘Hard’ Skills From leadership and program management, to … … Read entire article »

Hollywood company gives away virtual islands to celebrities

Jun 3, 2010 -- Hollywood celebrities can now get their own virtual islands — at no cost — through Virtual Celebrity Islands, launching … … Read entire article »

Hypergrid travelers search for shopping

Jun 1, 2010 -- Hypergrid travelers are more likely to be looking for shopping than any other kind of individual destination, according to May … … Read entire article »

On24 adds social tools to virtual events

May 26, 2010 -- Virtual events platform provider On24 has rolled out a suite of social networking tools this week, including integration with Twitter, … … Read entire article »

PR News to hold Web-based seminars with OpenSim

May 20, 2010 -- Japan’s PR News, a press release distribution service, will hold free virtual seminars this summer on how to use Twitter … … Read entire article »